A foundation of the ACE initiative is recruiting effective principals as instructional leaders.

Here are our new principal leaders for the 2017-2018 school year and their outstanding distinctions that they have received as campus leaders!


Damien Stovall

Edward Titche Elementary


Juan Cordoba

Thomas J. Rusk Middle School



Ervin Elementary School


Oscar Aponte

Onesimo Hernandez Elementary School


Carlotta Hooks

C.F. Carr Elementary

TEA_Accountability Rating

Through his instructional leadership at Gill Elementary Mr. Stovall and his campus team were able to reach the accountability rating of, Met Standard.  Under Mr. Stovall's tutelege his campus received five (5) distinction designations.  We are excited to have Mr. Stovall as the instructional leader at ACE campus, Edward Titche Elementary for the 2017-2018 school year.  Visit Titche Elementary's website to learn more. 

Cordoba_Accountability Rating

As an administrator at Gonzalez Elementary Mr. Cordoba and his staff focused on the instructional needs of the students at Henry Gonzalez Elementary and were able to reach the TEA accountability rating of, Met Standard, and the campus received four (4) distinction designations. We warmly and excitedly welcome Mr. Cordoba to the ACE feeder as the principal of Rusk Middle School. To learn more about Gonzalez Elementary visit their website below.

James Wallace TEA Distinctions

Mr. Wallace has been named principal of Ervin Elementary School.  Mr. Wallace comes from Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary where under his leadership the school  received the accountability rating of Met Standard in addition to a distinction designation.  The ACE team is excited to have Mr. Wallace on board and we look forward to seeing great things happen at Ervin Elementary this school year.  To learn more about Mr. Wallace and Ervin Elementary, visit their website below.


Mr. Aponte's leadership at Casa view Elementary is evident through the school's TEA accountability rating of, Met Standard, along with the three (3) distinction designations the school received.  For the 2017-2018 school year Mr. Aponte has been appointed as principal of Hernandez Elementary School.  Through Mr. Aponte's leadership and knowledge history of accelerating school performance, the ACE team is happy to welcome him to the team.  To find out more about Mr. Aponte and Hernandez Elementary visit the school's website below.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.15.05 PM.png

Having received the TEA accountability rating of Met Standard along with four (4) distinction designations at Zaragoza Elementary, Carlotta Hooks will be leading the charge at Carr Elementary for the 2017-2018 school year as building principal.   The ACE feeder and the Carr Elementary  is happy to have Mrs. Hooks as a part of the team.  To learn more about the great things happening at Carr Elementary visit their website below.


Dr. Sheryl Wilson, J.W. Ray Elementary

Sheryl Wilson TEA Distinctions

Dr. Sheryl Wilson is the principal of J.W. Ray Elementary School.  Joining the ACE team Dr. Wilson comes with leadership experience from Gilbert Cuellar Sr. Elementary having helped the school attain the accountability rating of Met Standard and two (2) distinction designations. To learn more about Dr. Wilson and J.W. Ray Elementary visit their school website below.